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Network Design and Installation

We have the patience to help you design your first network, or if you're outgrowing your current network, we'll determine your needs and assist you on an upgrade path. We have the experience to assist you with selection of your network operating system, cabling, and a network server.  Already have some workstations, great, we can help you decide how best to use them in your new network. We install and configure your server for your needs.  We'll setup the workstations to best meet your security and functionality need.  We can even help you get all your critical business applications running. Call us or fill out our online form to receive more information about network design and installation.

The Right Solution.

We setup, install, repair and maintain equipment and software from a wide variety of vendors, including Cisco and 3Com hubs and Switches, Novell and Microsoft networks, Microsoft Backoffice family products, Arescom and D-Link DSL routers, Sycom and APC battery backups, Adaptec controllers, Seagate tape drives and hard drives, and much more.  We can help you find what you need.  Unsure if we can help, ask us and find out what we can do for you.

Admin and Remote Management

Can't figure out your new server, having problems granting file access to new users, or just don't have the time to deal with server administration?  PC Services can handle it.  Do you need general network admin support or is the wiring closest in your office beyond help?  We can help with that too.  Call us or fill out our online form to request more information about our remote administration solutions.

Network Hardware And Software Solutions

There are many benefits to having an office network.  Choosing what your company needs are and what available technologies best fit those needs can be a daunting task.  We at Personalized Computer Services pride ourselves in finding solutions that fit YOUR needs.  We have the knowledge to help your company best utilize the following technologies.

  • Internet Connectivity:  The internet in today's business environment can be a extremely useful tool.  We can supply the hardware and software you need to get your employees online and using the vast business oriented resources of the internet.  We'll also help you select from the most cost-effective internet access technologies, including DSL. If you're using modems to connect the internet DSL can make huge difference in speed and convenience.

  • Workgroup And Intranet Mail:  Do you need a way to effectively communicate with other employees in your office.  Microsoft Exchange could be the solution your looking for.  Exchange offers messaging and scheduling services, and can be integrated to use existing internet email accounts.  This can provide your company a powerful, all in one email solution.  

  • Printer Sharing:  Network printer sharing is the best way to maximize the use of your printer investment dollars.  Are you tired of buying a new printers all the time?  Instead of getting each person a new printer every year or two, combine that money into workgroup printers and have high quality printer for all to use.  Now instead of having several low grade and slow printers, you have a few top quality and fast printers.  Making the most of your printer budget.
  • Tape Backup: We can help you select and install a tape backup drive to protect your company's information assets from accidental loss. We can also setup a backup routine and train you in using your backup software. And, should the need arise, we'll help you recover your server from your tape backups. We can also help you select special solutions for backing up critical high-availability services like Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Virus Detection and Prevention: The growth of internet access and internet email systems makes a proactive virus prevention strategy more important than ever before. We offer popular solutions from Network Associates (including McAfee products) and Symantec (including Norton AntiVirus), designed to protect your network workstations and servers from infection with a minimum of management. These latest products offer improved, automated strategies for distributing updated virus signatures to your users, and include on-access file and email virus detection.