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 Blair, Nebraska

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We have a belief at Personalized Computer Services (PCS).  No matter how good you are fixing systems, you are still only as good as the parts you use.  If a technician is willing to use an inferior product, to save a few dollars, then he is giving you inferior service.  We use only use reliable, stable, and dependable parts.  This means you not only get a technician that can solve your problems, you also get top quality parts.


We pride ourselves in being able to find your problem and fix your problem, the FIRST time.  While it is arrogant to say we can do this in every situation, it is possible to approach every Service Call with this mindset.  PCS approaches every Service Call with a fix right the first time approach. When you fix a problem right the first time, it saves the customer money.  If you have to keep coming back to fix a problem, it doesn't matter how cheap your rates are, it will always cost the customer more in the long run.


The work we do at PCS is not just a job for us.  Our technicians are not here because their career counselor told them there was money to be made in this business.  They are here because they have always used computers, have always fixed computers, and now they get paid while they do what they have always done, and have always wanted to do.  What does this mean for you?  It means your technician is not just showing up to earn a paycheck.  They are here because they like what they are doing, they are good at it, and as a bonus they get to do it for living.