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 Blair, Nebraska

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Server Maintenance And Upgrades

If your server is down, we can help get your business going again.  We'll replace the defective parts and get your server back into operation in a minimum of time. We can repair or replace all major components including hard drives, controllers, network cards, memory, power supplies, and more. We can help get your server up to date too.  It is a balancing game to keep your server ahead of your employees needs.  Don't fight that battle alone, let an expert help guide you down the right path.  We offer many services including:

  • Replace and upgrade server hard drives
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose tape drive issues
  • Upgrade server network cards from 10Mbs or 100Mbs to 1000 (Gigabit).
  • Upgrade server processors and memory
  • Upgrade and replace UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems

We have experience servicing high-end server technologies like SCSI drives, RAID arrays, parallel processing, and more. We offer competitive rates for network, software, and hardware service.


Workstation Service

We can help with nearly any workstation problem, including hardware failures and upgrades and most software problems. We support all IBM-compatible computers and peripherals.  Didn't buy it from us?  It doesn't matter we can still get your systems up and working again.

We routinely provide these services:

  • Diagnose and replace computer components including power supplies, adapter cards, memory, CD-ROM's, and more
  • Diagnose and replace bad hard drives, and restore data from the bad drive
  • Upgrade processors and memory
  • Upgrade modems to support faster connection speeds
  • Install and configure new peripherals like printers, scanners, and more
  • Upgrade network cards and update drivers
  • Troubleshoot software problems with most office applications, including Corel and Microsoft application suites
  • Install or upgrade workstations to Windows 2000 Pro and/or Windows XP Pro